Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For you Miss Raegan....and anyone else!

So this picture is not very big but I told one of my blog buddies I would post a pic of a cranking machine so TA DA! I love/hate this machine :) It is for your arms but you can also remove the seat and get a full body workout while cranking. I am sooooo not coordinated so I am still getting use to cranking while lunging/squatting or bending. I am sure people walking by get a good laugh cause I know I do!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A long....exhausting week

It has been a looooong exhausting week! Took a brief blogging break but will be back at it tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am down 2lbs!

So I weighed in today and....I lost 2 lbs this week! I am very happy but feel I could have done much better. I should have gone to the gym more and not snacked so much, but I am learning that everyday is a struggle and hopefully in time it will get easier. I have learned that a 2 hour workout at the gym should be rewarded with fresh fruit not french fries and icecream. I have learned I get WAY more done on the days I work out. I have learned my success is highly based on planning out my food intake for the day and writing it down. I have learned to have healthier snacks on hand and limit myself to 2 snacks a day. I have learned I eat when I am bored so I must stay busy. I am happy with my first week and look forward to a better week 2! This week I plan to eat better, push harder, work out more often and find my motivation!

Not a bad idea :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Too much sun and sore feet!

Well the last 3 days have been filled with way too much sun and now today my feet are killing me. I do better when I blog everyday on my food intake because here I sit Monday morning and can't recall everything I have eaten for the past 3 days. We spent yesterday at Raging Waters and did so so on food. I had a turkey wrap, a boiled egg, a few pistachios a small portion of bruschetta. We then had a big BBQ last night at my parents house for Father's Day. It's actually pretty easy for me to eat healthy when we party at my parents house because my mom cooks really healthy stuff. She made salmon burgers and grilled chicken. I opted for the salmon minus the burger and let me just say .... so so good. She got the Salmon patties at Costco just FYI. I coupled it with fresh fruit, pasta salad and 5 chips...counting helps me control my portions. There were many dessert options but I chose the wrong path and had a big rich peanut butter bar...grrr... should have went with the 140 calorie frozen yogurt Creamie, would have been a much healthier option. Had a really fun weekend all around. My feet are really sore this morning from walking around all day yesterday with no shoes at the water park so I plan to hit the gym tonight instead of this morning. Besides Carter bug went all day in the sun yesterday with no nap so I figured I would let him sleep in this morning as well. Thank goodness for sunscreen but I am still beat. I started my new lifestyle half way through my current menu so tomorrow I am making a new 2 week menu and plan to buy healthier snack options and more veggies. I also weigh in on Wednesday so I am really hoping for a loss, less weight means more motivation!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A good salad...but too many poolside munchies!

So we ended up not having enchiladas last night, which was fine but I was stuck last minute needing to grab something for dinner. I opted for the apple pecan chicken salad from Wendy's... so so yum! I only ended up using one dressing... the lady gave me two for some reason. It was really good...so light and refreshing. Got up at 7:30 had a nutri grain bar and 1/2 a bananna for breakfast. Had a super intense workout at the gym...sweat my ass off! Love the kranking class! Came home and had a quick shower and it was off to the pool for a few hours...Didnt' do so hot at the pool...way too many munchies. I had 1/2 a ham & cheese wrap, grapes,strawberries and sun chips. I also over indulged in my sister's famous bruschetta(tried to contain myself but couldn't resist) and a diet coke to seal the deal...grrr....will make sure to take healthier snacks next time to the pool. It's now 6:15pm. My weight watchers meal is in the microwave and I will have some steamed brocoli with it. I am out for now...ironing to do and a dirty kitchen to clean. I work in the morning and then have to take GiGi shopping... I would like to hit the gym tomorrow evening and even Sunday, I may just be getting in the zone!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zero energy today...

It is amazing how much energy I had yesterday after my morning workout, versus today with no workout....zero energy! I took a nap...which rarely happens and have just felt blah all day. My food choices have been good today...
Breakfast: nutri grain bar and crystal light
Vick took the day off so when I got home from work I made him breakfast around 9:30 and I did sneak 2 pieces of bacon...it just smelled so good!
Lunch: weight watchers meal with garlic toast and pineapple
Drank TONS of water today....got my 8 glasses in by 3pm.
Had an apple and a rice cake for a snack.
Leaving in a few to have dinner at Kasey's house...she is making enchiladas, so I will be careful on portion control...can't wait for the gym tomorrow! (can't remember the last time I said that)